Just for fun: A farmgirl’s review of Birchbox

Ever heard of Birchbox before?  I had heard of the service but honestly, since personal grooming doesn’t always take precedence (see earlier Meatloaf-style pic), I had totally forgotten it.  However, I read an article on it earlier this spring and decided to give it a little try.

For those of you not in the know, Birchbox is a service where for $10 per month, they send you samples of a variety of higher end products for you to try.  You can do it on a month-by-month basis or go ahead and sign up for an annual subscription.  Every time you purchase a subscription, write a review, refer a friend or purchase a product, you are awarded points.  You can then use those points to purchase other products.

So, are the products worth it?  Thus far, I have liked the products enough to think they have been worth $10 per month.  It has enabled me to try a variety of products that I probably wouldn’t want full sizes of (and to be fair, the samples are worth at least several usages each-not a one use sample size) and some have even inspired me to make better versions of the products myself.  But for me, a farmgirl who has let things get a little out of control personal beauty wise (holy smokes, I need a haircut), this is a nice reminder that being a farmgirl shouldn’t make you stop being a girl.  I highly recommend it for that reason alone!  Enjoy!


(Birchbox did not sponsor this post, nor do they even know I exist.  I just wanted to share the love.)