Available Products


Fall 2014/Winter 2015 Available Products:

We are selling out quickly of some items and for certain others, I think we will always have a steady supply!

The cluckers:

  • Fresh eggs: $3.50 a dozen (We will take .50 off if you provide your own containers.  Recycle/reduce/reuse!  Obviously these are for local pick up and/or delivery only)
  • Chicken: $3.50 a lb, only available in whole birds unless we are notified in advance
  • Naragansette and Blue Slate Turkeys-both hens and toms available.  Contact us for prices.

The moo’ers:

  • Ground Beef: Sold out
  • Beef Arm Roast: $3.00 lb

All other types of beef cuts are sold out until we butcher our next cow(s)..sorry!

The oinkers-all registered Berkshire pork:

  • Mild Sausage: $8.25 lb
  • NY Shoulder: $11.25 lb
  • Ham Steak: $9.00lb
  • Shoulder Roast: $10.00 lb
  • Loin Roast: $10.25 lb
  • Pork Steak: $9.00 lb
  • Bone in pork chops: $12.00 lb (I might be biased, but these are better than most beef steaks-sorry cows!)
  • Fresh bacon (not cured or smoked): $12.00 lb
  • Salt cured Berkshire bacon (no nitrates/nitrates/chemicals added-just pig and salt!):$13.50 lb
  • Smoked salt cured Berkshire bacon (your choice of Applewood or Hickory smoked): $16.50 lb

We are also anticipating being able to offer young Berkshire piglets in the early Spring.  Prices will depend on multiple factors-we will put out a post when those are available.

Fruits and Veggies:

As the growing season continues, we will have more information on what is growing well this year and what will be available.   All of our produce is non-GMO, grown organically and picked/packaged by hand!


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