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Back pasture in the winter…

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.


Hey-thanks for popping over to Blueberry Acres Farm.  We’re a little family farm in beautiful southern Missouri.

Does the world need another farm?  Well, actually…yes!  The number of small, family owned/run farms has declined significantly over the last 10-20 years with continued production going to the mega farms.  While we don’t think there is anything wrong with these farms making a buck, we also believe in the value of a well-run small operation growing heritage, heirloom, natural and organic products.  In addition to our available products, we also try to blog about things we learn so that other budding homesteaders can learn from our mistakes!

Who are you anyway?  It’s just me Shellie (the COO), my husband “Sheldon” (the CEO), our daughter “Blueberry” (our Director of tasting and coloring), and our menagerie of animals.

What exactly is in your menagerie?  Well, we have a farm dog or two, a number of cats..some of whom patrol our barns for mice, others just patrol our laps for love.  We also raise Wyandotte, White Rock, Jersey Giant and “mutt” chickens for eggs, meat and entertainment (chickens are hilarious).  In addition to our chickens, we have a small flock of Naragansett and Slate Blue Turkeys.  But it’s not all about the feathers!  We’re very proud of our small but mighty herd of grass fed/finished Belted Galloway cows as well as our growing group of Berkshire pigs.  We raise everyone as close to nature as possible eschewing chemicals with the goal of being 100% organic as soon as we can.  Our cows and produce are all grown organically..our pigs and poultry are mostly organic.  Taking non-organic land and turning it organic is a process, but we are learning as we go.

Do you sell to the public?  Yep, we do!  Check out our available products page to see what is currently available.  We do believe in selling things seasonally which means that the product will be updated fairly regularly.  If you aren’t sure about something, feel free to ask.  And if you want to see our farm before committing to anything, please contact us-we are happy to arrange a time for you to come visit.  In addition to our meats and produce, we’re working on perfecting some additional offerings that we hope to start selling at one of our local farmer’s markets soon.

Do you grow organically?  Yes..and no!  Many of our products are organic but some of them are in transition between “conventionally” grown and organic.  For those that are in transition, we are working to get them to fully organic.  However, even those that are in transition are still leaps and bounds beyond what a commercial mega farm (aka many grocery store products) would offer you.  If you aren’t sure about something, feel free to ask-we believe in being transparent with our farm practices.  Every single thing we do here on the farm feeds our daughter first, so we can always put you in touch with our head taste tester!

Do you have any certifications?  We have begun the process of getting certified to participate in the Homegrown by Heroes program  and have explored the possibility of going through the Certified Naturally Grown process.  As a small scale producer, the USDA does not require us to go through the formal certification process until we meet certain revenue requirements.  Once we meet that threshold, we will reconsider going through the costly USDA certification process.  However, regardless of what stickers we qualify for, our business practices won’t change.  Growing heritage animals and heirloom produce without the use of chemicals is something that we believe strongly in!

Do you actually grow blueberries on your farm?  No, not really!  We have planted a couple of heritage blueberry plants and who knows..we may find some wild blueberries on our land just as we have found wild blackberries, wild cherry trees and wild mulberry bushes.  We do concentrate on growing one kind of blueberry, and that is our little girl.  We nicknamed her The Blueberry when we found out we were going to have a baby because as we tell her, we fell in love with her when she was the size of a blueberry!

How do we contact you if we have a question or want to point out a typo?  You can always send us an email to blueberryacresfarm@outlook.com or just respond to a post.  We so appreciate everyone that takes the time to stop by!


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