The cat lady

Sheldon and his assistant, Fluffy Newspaper are hard at work on a new brooder. We found that the coops we put in (but haven’t used yet) were home to ants….lots of them. And being the tree huggers that we are, we are taking an organic route to kill the ants and drive them out. But that doesn’t help our growing bunch of chicks who are ready to depart the incubator for the more comfortable climes of the brooder box. Cat lady Sheldon to the rescue!


2 thoughts on “The cat lady

  1. My chicks are getting big too, i am going to house them in the stock trailer with a light until their ark is built! Isn’t it exciting! I hate ants! c

    • I never thought of the stock trailer-it’s not like it gets much use when you aren’t moving a cow! Thankfully, Sheldon whipped together the brooder really fast, so we didn’t have to worry about it. Thanks for stopping by!

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