Ding, Dong, the witch is dead and other assorted things….

…..and by witch, I mean hay!  I know-it was a stretch, but it’s absolutely how I feel.  We finally got the hay in our large pasture cut.  Sheldon finished bucking the many bales last night.  The hay should have been cut close to 2 months ago, but alas, we counted on the word of someone who proved to be a little less than dependable in deed.  However, some very hardworking folks came to our rescue and despite their baler giving out on them multiple times, they were able to finish the vast majority of our field.  Is it the world’s finest hay?  This late in the season, no.  But, the field is cut and the little bit of green left will quickly be finished by the cows and Festus.  We already talked about when they will come out next year and how we hope to double our load of hay at that time with an early cutting.  Sooooo…painful first year lesson to learn about depending on others that you don’t know well-both when they fail and like the folks who cut our hay, when they succeed despite obstacles.

Now, we are prayerful for some rain.  It’s been weeks and weeks since we have had anything fall out of the sky save for bird poop.  The lawn is all but dead (and I’m too stubborn to water it-water is for veggies and animals, not my 2 acres of lawn grass dang it!) and the dirt road is making horrible dust devils all over the place.  I feel like I can’t keep my house dust free for more than 2 minutes and frankly in this heat, I don’t want to even think about cleaning!   So, for this week, Blueberry and I are going to do what we can outside without bursting into flames in the dry heat.  We have swimming fun on tap, the library, going to visit the Grand-Blueberries and studying weather.

This cute little weather tracker from Smart Lab came in one of Blueberry’s Christmas gifts.


This morning as she was outside with it studying the clouds while the dogs looked expectantly up with her, she learned the difference between the different types of clouds thanks to Mom’s geeky love of weather and this handy little website that not only has great weather pics, but some cool weather activities too.  We’re going to be studying weather all week as we begin that downhill slide to the first day of K for Blueberry.

How are you keeping cool in these hot dog days of summer?


4 thoughts on “Ding, Dong, the witch is dead and other assorted things….

  1. For me it’s not keeping myself cool, but the poor rabbits and chickens under all those heavy fur and feathers! Frozen water bottles are all around the homestead this week, and I am struggling to get things done despite the heat!

    • Oh my gosh-amen to that. I keep going to the chicken runs expecting to find hard boiled eggs in the next. We water the animals almost constantly it seems, but hey unlike our last home in Texas, I can see the light at the end of the heat tunnel!

      • Our chickens have it pretty good since they are under trees and the ground is damp and cool. But one of them is in a broody buster in the middle of the yard and the rabbits are having a hard time of it. So broody hen and all the bunnies get frozen bottles of water to keep cool! Hopefully those frozen bottles will also help break my broody hen a bit faster… One of our girls just started molting so we’re a bit short on eggs. 😐

      • Well, come on down to Missouri. These little troopers are still cranking out about a dozen a day. I’m up to my eyeballs in eggs! Good luck with your broodiness. We have absolutely none of that going on, so we just bought an incubator/egg turner and will see if we can help nature along a bit…

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