Is skim milk making our kids fat?

I saw this article this morning on my FB feed and forgive me whoever posted it, I can’t even remember who did it!  Anywhoo…this NPR article talks about a potential causal link between skim milk and heavier kids.

I think the NPR article was a little too light on facts for me and for some reason, I can’t pull up the BMJ article, but it does make me wonder more about this link…especially considering that we made the pediatrician recommended switch to skim at age 2 like so many other parents.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with a parent making a choice to continue to give full fat milk at any age.  However, I think at times we as parents (specifically parents who crave a more natural lifestyle) can jump on the bandwagon too quickly when we think that the “establishment” has led us astray.  Do I think that full fat milk could be more healthy than skim?  Sure.  Do I think that there is enough evidence in this study to prove without a doubt that previous advice on skim vs. full fat is wrong?  From what I have seen….Nope.  And until then, I’m going to continue to follow what I think to be right as a Mom.

What about the other parents out there…how do you separate the hype from the fact when it comes to making changes like this for your kids?  I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Is skim milk making our kids fat?

  1. I looked at the process of making skim milk and how it changes the fat that’s left and decided it probably wasn’t the best for my family. It’s hard to navigate such decisions in today’s world.

    • Isn’t it though? I mean-you look at how our great grandparents and grandparents ate and they never had skim milk or low fat cookies (as children at least), etc and my great grandfather was gardening up until passing away at a ripe old age.

      • I know. My great-aunt lived to be 105. She ate bacon everyday and fried everything in lard. She also planted a garden every year up to and including the year she died. When I was a kid, I never set down unless I was in school or a car. We were constantly running around outside, climbing trees and so forth. Neither adults nor children are very active these days. I think it’s the lack of activity more than anything else that’s causing so much obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

  2. I saw the article on FB also. Like you, something just didn’t set right with me. I will definitely look into it more, but as you mentioned sometimes I think we jump on the latest ‘nutrition post’ a little quickly. Laughing Bird farm- my grandparents ate the same way and lived to be 98 and 99. Go figure!

    • The food of our grands and great grands even sounds better than low fat twinkies and olestra filled chips: Fried chicken, cheese, bacon, pork chops (although in the case of my Dad’s grandparents it was probably more Bracciole, Panelle and shortbread cookies..)…these folks were on to something!

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