I think my family is trying to murder me…

…through sleep deprivation.


Sorry for the lack of posts/responses lately folks.  Between Sheldon’s snoring, Blueberry’s wandering and everyone’s nighttime noisiness, Blueberry Acres Farm has been far from bucolic over the last week.  It hasn’t been all zombie-like movements…We have successfully planted 12 new trees (go environment!), ordered what feels like truck loads more (I have no freaking idea where these new trees are going), gotten in another order of seeds, gotten in bedding plants and almost broke my amazingly agile and healthy 70 year old Dad as he helped us plant the latest batch of trees in the driving/cold rain.

This weekend will bring us more dog training, more garden planting, probably more trees, and apparently the building of a turkey coop THAT I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BUILD BEFORE THE TURKEYS GET HERE IN 3 WEEKS.

I have lots more to say but no time to say it right now.  Calgon take me away!  🙂



6 thoughts on “I think my family is trying to murder me…

    • LOL..I didn’t even know we had ordered turkeys until I was informed today that I need to find some time to help build a turkey coop for them since apparently you can’t mix turkeys and chickens?? Every day is a learning y’all! 🙂

  1. I also have turkeys coming this year..but not till end of april he said. I have more chicks coming next week. Had some issues with the dog and had to bring her back. We pick up a puppy on saturday..I think at this point I’d come help plant if I didnt have to deal with all the stuff coming up soon lol.

    • Oh no-you had to take the dog back? I’m so sorry to hear that! Ugh-I’ve been there girl. Good luck with the puppy. If it helps at all, the puppy that we adopted before Christmas had all kinds of behavioral problems from being completely untrained, but fast forward about 3 months later and she is completely uninterested in the cats, mostly uninterested in the chickens that constantly escape the yard and completely unfazed by the cows, not to mention that she adores our Blueberry, so there is hope!

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