Poop is worth it’s weight in gold?

Those of you who have had to rehab large tracts of land know what I’m talking about…turkey litter.  It’s the fertilizer of choice here for pasture land (did you know Missouri was the #2 producer of cattle in the nation?  Nope?  We didn’t either…) and it’s worth it’s weight in stinky gold.

Our poop is the shiz.comPic courtesy of ect coop

Our poop is the shiz.com
Pic courtesy of ect coop

We have asked every single human that we have come into contact with for connections.  I even stopped by the local Ag Extension today and asked if they had a hook up for litter and/or topsoil and oddly both of these ladies looked at me like I was on crack.  While we have found Missourians to be absolutely warm and lovely people, they don’t give up the good stuff to “ferners” (You know-people from Texas) quite so easily.  Finally someone shared the helpful nugget that it is actually more profitable for these poop producers (aka large poultry farms) to ship it up north than to sell it to their neighbors.  Huh.

So, to The Bing I go…I have discovered some local (local being companies within 200 miles) providers and intermediaries.  I’ve sent messages to several of them, all in Sheldon’s name (because that post on good old boy mysogeny is for another day) and now we just wait.  For poop.  That we have to pay for.  What a life.


3 thoughts on “Poop is worth it’s weight in gold?

  1. Oooops, sorry but USDA said “2011 More than 50 percent of the total value of U.S. sales of cattle and calves comes from the top 5 states. 1. Texas, 2. Kansas, 3. Nebraska, 4. Iowa, 5. Colorado
    Grin, I guess this really does not matter when you ar blogging about turkey manure.

    Happy gardening

    • LOL..blogging? Try ranting! Seriously-forgive my sloppy prose. At least according to the State of Missouri, we are #2 in beef cattle production-not overall cattle production. You would think that as many times as that statement was drilled into my head by my neighbor cattle ranchers, I would have gotten it right. Thanks for stopping by!

      • hehehe, I’m headed out to clean hen house to get ‘fertilizer’ for my large porch pots. I will soon be planting potato’s and onions
        Happy gardening

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