Blueberry farming, Kitty eating and family fun in between

We had a great weekend this weekend!  On Saturday, we got another farm dog this weekend to keep Kya company.  They are already getting along famously and Buddy is helping to teach Kya that he is boss.  Kya has a bit of a nipping problem and I’ve noticed that when she got me a few times, he came over and corrected her before I even had a chance.  Hallelujah!  He came from a very nice family that simply did not have enough room for him in their backyard.  He is smart and kind and we have high hopes for him, although he (insert huge sigh here) seems to have the cat affliction that so many others do despite being raised with a cat….“I just need one taste mom!”


Despite his kitty addiction, the family that gave him up had a very nice young girl who was very sad to see him go and we promised that we would love him, so we shall.  We’re hoping to take both dogs to the obedience classes that start in a few weeks but we’ll have to see how that works out with Sheldon’s crazy work schedule.  Anyone else out there have successful techniques for teaching outside dogs “no kitties” when it comes to barn cats?

We had a great family day on Sunday starting off our adventures at Promised Land Zoo  and ending it at Tractor Supply.  We’re kind of suckers for finding these “drive through zoos” wherever we live and we are very fortunate that Promised Land seems to do an excellent of caring for both the animals and of the souls of those who come to visit.  Plus, we have been there so many times since moving here that they offered us a break on an annual membership.  Love it!  They have one location in the middle of nowhere (Eagle Rock-shout out!) and a new location in Branson.  If you are planning a family visit to Silver Dollar City or the like this summer, I highly recommend checking them out!

At Tractor Supply, The Blueberry was excited to find so many garden implements her size.  We’re actually planning on her having her very own garden this year.  She’s going to be responsible for tilling, planting, watering, etc.  If I’m behing honest, I have to say that I expect it to look like a hot mess by the end of the summer, but I think involving our kids in growing their own food is a really important part of this journey to get back to nature.  She spent the entire ride to PL Zoo telling us what seeds she needs us to order:


Plus, in the event that a carrot or strawberry actually makes it through her more than likely haphazard care, I can imagine that she will beam with pride!  She’s already been helping add more hay to the dogs’ training yard and the chicken coop:

yes, that really is a kid sized radio flyer wheelbarrow.  Thanks Tractor Supply!

yes, that really is a kid sized radio flyer wheelbarrow. Thanks Tractor Supply!

Well, it looks like another storm is moving in.  Fluffy Newspaper, our “head” barn cat is running back and forth in front of the kitchen window in between the garage and the barn like he’s on a mission.  I think this unsettled weather has the animals unsettled, so we better get to it.  Hope everyone has a great day.  Happy farming!

Check out some great new posts every Monday at the Homestead Barn Hop!

Check out some great new posts every Monday at the Homestead Barn Hop!


6 thoughts on “Blueberry farming, Kitty eating and family fun in between

  1. We have the same issues with our dogs. What we have going on is the rabbit hutch has a cover. When we were introducing rabbits to dogs, we started by scattering used rabbit litter around the hutch for them to sniff, then putting the rabbits in and closing it up. After a few days of that, we opened it with one rabbit it and dad the same thing with the other three. They pretty much ignore the hutch these days. Every now and then they trot up, stare at a rabbit for a moment, and then walk away.
    Not quite sure how to make that work for cats. The cats we had all took one swipe with their claws at any dog they met and were immediately respected. My first dog wouldhide in her dog house if the cat got close.

    • We wish that the cats would just whoop up on both of the dogs and then I think we would be done. Fluffy Newspaper, our male barn cat is the largest cat either of us has ever seen. He’s about 15 lbs and is head and shoulders above just about every other cat. He’s given Kya some spankings and she seems to respect him more, but the other two are docile females and they only want to run…which of course doesn’t do anything but inspire the dogs more. Sigh. Thanks for the comments and excellent advice!

  2. Well looks like I’m not the only one who welcomed a new addition. I just got a german shepherd mix from the shelter. She is not friendly with the cats right now or the chickens. It will just take some training. I hope one day my stay will be enough to keep her away enough to let them explore. I need her to understand she is not a cat killer. We are here to work together. My plan will be to get her good and mega tired and then place her smack dab in the middle of the chicken yard and make her lay there and ‘watch’ them. I will let her sniff if she isnt too excited but I wanted her to guard the chickens. I also am going to find a job for her. Once we get the lambs I might work with her on herding. They were meant for that. It’s going to take time and training for both our situations. I’ve heard a shock collar will help in that too. Just please make sure she will stay away from them with your command first. The shock would just be to remind her its all the time even when your not right at her side. Good luck!

    • Well, Kya, our first puppy has chased the chickens before but seems to finally understand that they aren’t “dinner and a show”…we were worried about Buddy, the latest dog but he seems afraid of the chickens thus far. He is a city slicker after all. It just takes time…I don’t know about your husband, but that’s something Sheldon doesn’t always remember. Congrats on your new doggie too!

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