Designing a work life that allows for a farm life

Let’s face it. We’re some of the lucky ones. We live in a rural area but still get to maintain professional jobs. My paid work is all virtual so while there are days that I’m in front of my laptop for 18 hours, I’m still in front of my laptop in my house.  My husband’s job is not quite as flexible, but it’s still a wonderful job all the same. We never thought we would be in a position to be able to leave the “big city” due to the nature of our careers, but yet here we are. On lovely Blueberry Acres where I’m getting ready to facilitate a web-based training session while simultaneously watching our barn cats plot against our wandering chicken, Lana.   It’s a wonderful life.

But what if the path for your family to move from urban to country hasn’t been made clear.  Well, then maybe it’s time you clear your own path because let’s face it chickies, you can’t expect to be a revenue producing farmer on day one.  Heck-we’re going to be lucky to have it done by day 1,245.   For most people, that means still having a job.  And probably a good job because if we are really going to ride the reality train, let’s be honest-starting a farm ain’t cheap.

For me, I unknowingly began crafting a “farm friendly” career several years ago when I was laid off from my corporate job.  My husband and I took a step back and after much agony (mostly on my part) realized that I could do something different with my skills.  For me, I was truly blessed with some Consulting opportunities that came up quickly afterwards that led me down my eventual path where I work virtually but still maintain a wonderfully rewarding career that has NOTHING to do with farm life.  As a result, when the opportunity for us to move to this part of the country came up, I didn’t have to make the hard choice that it seems like some parents have to make: Do I give my kid a different life right now or do I stay and maintain my career and hope for a different life eventually.  For us, the answer was right now.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about exploring a flexible career that can get you to a more bucolic life be it on your own little Blueberry Acres or simply spending more time with your kids in the backyard, feel free to mosey on over to my work life blog, but I’m always happy to give some quick advice on making the move to readers here too.  After all, starting Blueberry Acres Farm for us is all about learning new and scary things.  If we can pay some of that forward helping other families figure out how to make that move professionally, we’re happy to do so.  Happy exploring!


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